Injectable hormonal ergogenic substances are presented in diluted form (salt of substance + salt of ether + solute) in aqueous or fatty medium, depending on what it is. The substance can also be diluted in water and oil at the same time, as in the case of testosterone suspension (diluted in water) and testosterone cypionate (diluted in oil).
They can be used, usually mostly intramuscularly, followed by subcutaneous administration, or orally, unless the substance is broken down in the gastrointestinal tract and / or liver, as in the case of stanozolol, which exists in two forms, injection and oral.
When using these substances, depending on their specificity and the ester used, they are absorbed at different times and metabolized at different times.

Side Effects

It is an illusion to think that we are simply not taking substances that can be harmful, as almost every substance that enters the body passes through a very important organ, LEVER!

Side Effects:

It’s no secret that anabolic androgenic steroids have possible side effects. The chances of these effects occurring may vary from one hormone to another, and the total dose and individual response may play a large role in this end result. However, when it comes to side effects, there is always the problem of liver toxicity, which is often eliminated with anabolic steroids. Most oral anabolic steroids are toxic to the liver; They have this nature of liver simply because they exist. Most oral anabolic steroids are c17-alpha-alkylated (c17-aa), meaning that the hormone changes at carbon 17 to survive its first passage through the liver. Without this structural change, steroid c17-aa would be useless and would be destroyed before it could enter the bloodstream. While this structural change gives us the option of taking some of our favorite oral anabolic steroids from Anadrol to Dianabol, Halotestin and Winstrol, it can cause unusual stress for a very important body organ, the liver.

Stability, maintenance and control

We have good news here; Injectable steroids do not have this property, with the exception of Winstrol for injection (Winstrol Depot), as it is also an anabolic steroid c17-aa. This means that using injectable steroids instead of oral steroids can create less stress, put less strain on your body, and focus a lot on more exciting things like getting the benefits you want. This is not to say that throwing responsibility and caution into the wind; This is just a very nice bonus that injected steroids have. Just like an interesting note; Oral Primobolan does not belong to the c17-aa family, which is largely why it is so weak and generally useless for many performance improvements, as already mentioned.

Stability, maintenance and control:

One of the main goals of an efficiency improvement expert is to maintain the achievements achieved during the cycle; it’s not enough to make a profit if everyone flies out the window when they stop using minutes. You have to understand something; If you take anabolic androgenic steroids and stop taking them for a while, some of the gains you make will disappear. As your hormone levels drop, it becomes difficult to maintain the benefits you receive. One way to maintain the advantage is to combat homeostasis by creating a new setting point, a new normal for our bodies. It costs time and a lot of work, but there are a few things to keep in mind in the short term. The benefits of using many different injectable steroids are generally much easier to maintain than oral steroids. One reason is that the stability of such hormones is often greater and the way the benefit is achieved is much easier to control. Make no mistake, the benefits of oral steroids can be maintained to some extent, but the variability in maintaining such gains depends on the injection and not on the oral steroid base cycle.

Stability, maintenance and control